• John Chow (Pro Blogger)

    I have been using Keyword Winner for the past few days and so far I really like it. Keyword Winner makes it super easy to find low competition keywords to use in your blog post titles because it puts it all in your WP control panel. This is a must have plugin. Go get it!

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    The most powerful SEO plugin I have ever seen and used! With the help of this tool it has given me not only great rankings for my own blog but niche sites of mine too. A very impressive tool Dan, thanks once again.

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    Loving the keyword winner plugin Dan! It speeds up finding the right keywords to use and getting a post done no end.

  • Harsh Agrawal (Pro Blogger)

    Keyword winner plugin helps you to find the keyword with less competition while writing a blog post from WordPress editor. I have used this plugin on and I can see clear impact on search engine presence.

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    I’m here to say that Keyword Winner is the #1 must have SEO WordPress plugin of 2011. I’ve been leveraging Keyword Winner 2.0 for about a week now and must say that I can’t live without this tool.

  • Onibalusi (Pro Blogger)

    From what I see about this plugin it is the next generation of SEO plugin and it will really make a wave, it helps give insights into some things that can be improved about your blogs seo and you definitely won’t want to do without it.

  • Hesham (Pro Blogger)

    I think Keyword Winner plugin will create a new level of search engines optimization competition between bloggers in same niches, once you got this plugin setup, working in your WordPress editor is something else, having a keyword suggestions tool will allow you to watch competitors drop while your site goes up!

  • Rob Rammuny (Underground Affiliate)

    For anyone who is a reader of Robswebtips knows I personally hate SEO. Yet, I decided to try this plug-in out since Dan was my buddy. To my surprise, I actually found the plug-in pretty cool. I was able to type in keywords that fit into my title perfectly that rank well in Google.

  • Devesh (Pro Blogger)

    I think it’s best plugin out there for search engine optimization. I’m using this tool from last 2 days on my blogs and it’s working awesome.

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    One thing I am constantly doing when writing posts is using competing pages in Google for reference then going back again, it takes time going back and forth. With Keyword Winner it gives me competing page results easily. Heck for $77 this is a no brainer and is very much worth it. This saves time and stress.

  • Tyler Cruz (Super Affiliate)

    KeywordWinner is a useful plugin for WordPress users since it helps bloggers quickly and easily pick out the less competitive search phrases.

  • Gavriel Shaw (Sales Copywriter)

    Dan’s plugin is an important contribution to the premium WordPress plugins available, because if you care about SEO rankings, and like to save time but do a good job of writing optimised blog post titles, then KeywordWinner will certainly help.

  • Thomas Sinfield (SEO Marketer)

    Keyword Winner is WordPress plugin that does one thing brilliantly. It finds you low competition keywords for you to use in your post titles.

  • Anil Gupta (Pro Blogger)

    Keyword Winner will help you choose those less competitive keywords within your WordPress dashboard for which you can get high rankings quite easily while you are crafting title for your next blog post. So this WordPress plugin will help you choose right keywords for your blog posts and as a result more traffic and business for your website.

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    Keyword Winner undoubtedly saves your precious time while keyword researching and it’s a must buy if you are a wordpress blogger or affiliate marketer that hugely depends on search engine traffic for making money online.

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    I like the fact that Keyword Winner is simple to setup and use. It takes very little time to receive the keyword results and it has helped me gain more traffic to my blog through search engines.

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    I never thought researching on keywords will be this easy. Keyword Winner not only saves my time on that, but also suggests fully optimized titles for my blog posts. A real time saver for me as I post a lot in my blogs. Also, the plugin is very useful for writing reviews on niche products from Amazon or Clickbank.

  • Jeff Caceres (Affiliate Marketer)

    When I used the Keyword Winner plugin for the first time, I was really amazed of the Google search results and I loved the “Keyword Winner loading” feature too. This is way much professional and unique than any other free and premium WordPress plugins. This is a total genius work by Daniel Lew like no other, and I am proud of him.

  • Kevin Douglas (Entrepreneur)

    If you’re like me and write most of your posts in WordPress, this plugin is for you. I wish I could get more technical about the plugin, but there really is no need. Dan couldn’t have made it any easier to do keyword research directly in WordPress without the hassle of jumping in and out of WordPress to get the perfect, low competition blog post title. Keyword Winner is the plugin you’re looking if you want to find great, low competition keywords fast with no hassle.

  • Dino (Affiliate Marketer)

    I usually spend hours upon hours searching for good post titles to use that will rank high in Google, but now, with this plugin, it cuts my time to only a few clicks of my mouse as the information is all right there in front of me!

  • Antonio Coleman (Internet Marketer)

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    I’m really looking forward to working with this plugin, daily, as I start to rank for various keyphrases based around the word, Frugal. Virtually instantly I got suggested keywords and their competition levels. In this image you can see clearly how the competitiveness of each word is colour coded for simple use.

  • Tinh Tran (Pro Blogger)

    I must say that it is worth for your investment and I am sure that you will receive a lot of benefits from using this plugin.

  • Soren Jorgenson (Affiliate Marketer)

    I normally don’t do reviews on plugins but today I make an exception with Keyword Winner. This is something that all bloggers (serious ones at least) should not be without.

Daniel's Story!

Hello to all you Entrepreneurs and Website Owners out there.

In my 17 years of experience in marketing and the past 5 years spent online with my own SEO company, I've learnt the real power of what it is to stand out from the crowd particularly with over 14 billion websites on the internet.

Keyword Winner is my latest invention, it's a powerful tool that will revolutionise business marketing and get to 1st page for any headlines that have low competing pages and high search trends. It is the way of the future, I know this as I'm a blogger myself and I'm confidant this is the product we all need to achieve better results. When I came up with this idea, I had blogging and SEO in mind and the outcome is that this fantastic tool has the power to turn your online business around for the better. I have absolutely ZERO doubt that, used to its full potential, this plugin will revolutionize your online business and help you to reap huge financial rewards.

See You At The Top

Daniel Lew
Keyword Winner - SEO Plugin