• Q. I need to see this plugin in action, can I see a video demonstration?

    A. Sure, here are some demo videos presented by the creator himself, Mr Daniel Lew.

  • Q. In the Rank Checker area why is my posts showing as 30+ ?

    A. This is because you are in Google on page 3 or higher. You must click the load icon next to each post in order to get the updated rank, however if you just made a post it is a good idea to go back and click the reload button a few days later to find the rank changes to see if you have gone up or down in position and edit the posts if you need to accordingly. The rank is counted from the time you publish the new post or from the time you have clicked the reload button, so this is why you need to click reload every so often when you need to. Keep in mind the whole idea is to optimize old red posts so they appear orange or better still green so the chances of getting higher ranking is greater.

  • Q. How is the backlink data counted in Bing?

    A. We calculate how many Bing backlinks the top 10 inside pages in Google have for the keyword term suggested and gather a minimum amount of links needed for that term.

  • Q. How is the Google competition calculated?

    A. In the "add new" keyword research post area the competition is calculated using "exact search" and in the "all post" list area competition is calculated using broad search. We have calculated it this way because headlines of posts are usually less dense and longer in words then the actual keyword search therefore gives more accurate results based on words for headlines when mixed.

  • Q. Why is PageRank not being calculated?

    A. PageRank will generally appear for older posts that are 6 months or older, this is because Google update PageRank every 6 months or so, on no specific date, we must just simply wait till this data appears. However don't forget to hit the re-load button on posts that are 6 months or older before you will see this change.

  • Q. Why has my all in-one-seo meta box dissapeared on my post pages?

    A. Keyword Winner has it's own meta box and carries over the all-in-one-seo or any other meta module / plugin you might already have installed to the Keyword Winner meta, so no worries at all, all data is never lost. If Keyword Winner is ever disabled all data carries back over to your existing plugin.

  • Q. I cannot get Keyword Winner to work after installation?

    A. This is 99% likely because you didn't upload it with the correct permissions, wp-content/uploads/ right click uploads folder and change file permissions to 777 and re-upload Keyword Winner again.

  • Q. Why is the keyword column not displaying?

    A. This will be because you have set your screen resolution too high, you will need to simply click in your IE or Firefox browser tab > View > Zoom > Zoom out a few times.

  • Q. I would like to receive the updated Keyword Winner 3.0 Version, how do I get it?

    A: Please get your new update from here

  • Q. Can I upgrade from a single site license to an unlimited site licence?

    A. Yes, If you have accidently bought the single or would now like the unlimited site license package we can make the upgrade for you.

  • Q: I tried to move my single license from one domain to another but all I get is Invalid receipt why is that?

    A: Our single licenses are domain locked, the only way you can move it is by sending us the current domain, new domain and receipt code in an email, and we´ll update so that you can use the license on your new blog instead.

  • Q. Where is the search data coming from?

    A. Google Insights, Google Competition, Google Trends and Bing Backlinks


  • Q. Some Trends show blank?

    A. Do not panic, this is usually because there was not enough search trends conducted over those selected months.

  • Q. I did a refund and the program is not working?

    A. We deactivate your license from our database upon this request.

  • Q. Is this plugin whitehat?

    A. Absolutely! Keyword Winner gathers data from Google in order to help you choose the right keywords, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Q. I have experienced something else other then the above?

    A. It is most likely you did not follow the install.txt manual included in the zipped file.

  • Q. Does Keyword Winner support any language?

    A. Yes it uses UTF-8 encoding and supports most languages out there

Daniel's Story!

Hello to all you Entrepreneurs and Website Owners out there.

In my 17 years of experience in marketing and the past 5 years spent online with my own SEO company, I've learnt the real power of what it is to stand out from the crowd particularly with over 14 billion websites on the internet.

Keyword Winner is my latest invention, it's a powerful tool that will revolutionise business marketing and get to 1st page for any headlines that have low competing pages and high search trends. It is the way of the future, I know this as I'm a blogger myself and I'm confidant this is the product we all need to achieve better results. When I came up with this idea, I had blogging and SEO in mind and the outcome is that this fantastic tool has the power to turn your online business around for the better. I have absolutely ZERO doubt that, used to its full potential, this plugin will revolutionize your online business and help you to reap huge financial rewards.

See You At The Top

Daniel Lew (danlew.com)
Keyword Winner - SEO Plugin