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What The Highlighted Colors Represent?

  • RED - 1,000,000+++ competing pages or higher (1,000,000 or more)
  • ORANGE - 1,000,000--- competing pages or lower (between 100,000-1,000,000)
  • GREEN - 100,000--- competing pages or lower

    Data comes from 1. Google Insights 2. Google Competition 3. Google Trends
    4. Bing.com Backlinks

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  • John Chow

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    "I have been using Keyword Winner for the past few days and so far I really like it. Keyword Winner makes it super easy to find low competition keywords to use in your blog post titles because it puts it all in your WP control panel. This is a must have plugin. Go get it!"

  • Zac Johnson

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    "With so many of us focusing on paid advertising, it’s always important to never forget about the BILLIONS of free targeted traffic that is out there every day in organic search results. Keyword Winner can help you get there!"

  • Ian Fernando

    IanFernando.com - Internet Marketer

    "The most powerful SEO plugin I have ever seen and used! With the help of this tool it has given me not only great rankings for my own blog, but niche sites of mine too. A very impressive tool Dan, thanks once again."

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Research + Rank = Money

  • Keyword Research

    Research keywords for your blog posts easily, you can drill down for blog post headline suggestions for either short or long tail keywords in less than 1 minute right inside your blog dashboard. Up to 10 keyword suggestions will appear in a drop down menu along with color coded stats.

  • 1st Page Ranking

    Once you post you can achieve 1st page results in less than 3 hours just by simply targeting headlines with low competition, bearing in mind you will also get good click throughs from targeting high search trends according to the trends graph that will also appear in your dasboard.

  • Make Money

    Once you achieve 1st page rankings for low competition pages and high search trends you can instantly start cashing in on your blog post pages.
    You can easily target niche keywords, write reviews or promos on products or anything else you think will convert into a sale.

    Video Demos Here

The Ultimate SEO Plugin Stats Checklist

  • Competition, Insights, Search Trends & Backlink Analysis

    Once you type a headline in your blog post, you can click "get suggestions" making it easy to get instant stats so that you can choose the best headline based on its overall searches per month, competitive nature and search trend! (1. Google Insights 2. Google Competition 3.Google Trends 4. Bing Backlinks) You can even add tags as well!

  • Color Highlighted to Target Specific Search Terms

    Less competitive phrases are highlighted green, orange for average competing keywords and more competitive phrases are highlighted red! You can drill down on any suggested keyword until you get a low competition keyword.

  • Keyword Suggestions for Low Competition & Highly Searched Headlines

    Up to 10 keyword suggestions for each headline are at your finger tips making it easy to target the right keywords and rank to the 1st page easily!

  • Page Competition Rank Checker

    Bloggers can quickly view the competition rank in admin area of their old blog posts and easily edit and improve page competition.

    ............................................*Supports All Languages

----After searchig keywords, you can drill down and dig even deeper to find the WINNING keywords -------you need to get you 1st page in literally hours. After a little more then 3 hours of
----posting about “Ergotron Neo-Flex Review” I got 1st page position in Google and after 3 days a
----total of 41 clicks.
..... Full Case Study Here

Stop typing blog post titles In the dark!

Being a blogger is no easy game, not only do you have to think of amazing headlines to strike your audience, you have to get this headline ranked well so that it appears in good position in Google. With good position you will get more hits, leading to more sales and make more money!

"90% of rankings come from good quality titles, the keywords on the rest of the page itself is just the icing on the cake."

You can edit and optimize OLD blog post titles and get them ranked higher as you can see in the Page Competition Rank Checker screenshot to the right. The idea is to edit red posts until they appear orange or even better green.

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Daniel's Story!

Hello to all you Entrepreneurs and Website Owners out there.

In my 17 years of experience in marketing and the past 5 years spent online with my own SEO company, I've learnt the real power of what it is to stand out from the crowd particularly with over 14 billion websites on the internet.

Keyword Winner is my latest invention, it's a powerful tool that will revolutionise business marketing and get to 1st page for any headlines that have low competing pages and high search trends. It is the way of the future, I know this as I'm a blogger myself and I'm confident this is the product we all need to achieve better results. When I came up with this idea, I had blogging and SEO in mind and the outcome is that this fantastic tool has the power to turn your online business around for the better. I have absolutely ZERO doubt that, used to its full potential, this plugin will revolutionize your online business and help you to reap huge financial rewards.

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